Returning to Church - Welcome Back to Saint Mary's Church

As we come together again for the celebrations of Mass and other liturgies, we must be mindful of how this can be accomplished safely and ensure as much as possible the wellbeing of each other.

As we move towards reopening, the following priorities must be respected:
- The health and safety of the Faithfull, clergy, staff and volunteers
- Proactive measures to avoid the potential of a second wave of the virus
- We have a responsibility to care for one another and protect our parishes

Therefore, we will do all we can to provide best possible pastoral service in this very difficult time. We realize that not being able to celebrate Mass and not having access to the sacraments has been very painful for all of us.

We are all eager to resume services and celebrations of Masses and sacraments. With great joy we announce that our churches will be open for Mass on Saturday/Sunday June 20/21.

There will be some changes that may cause some discomfort and inconvenience and you may not be seated at your usual spot or attend the Mass at the usual time. Therefore, we respectfully ask for your patience, forgiveness and prayer – as we begin this process of re-opening our churches.

It is still pandemic time and given the capacity restrictions of 30 percent, the schedule of the Sunday Masses is as follows:

- Saturday: 5pm (English)
- Sunday: 9am (Italian), 11am (English), 1pm (Polish)

Please remember that we are still in the pandemic time and the schedule of the Masses is temporary. We ask you for patience and understanding. The Parishioners who don't work during the week are invited to come for the weekday Masses leaving the place on Sundays to those who cannot come during the week. 

At this time of pandemic when we need to keep physical distance, our bishop Ronald Peter Fabbro gave the permission to all the priests ministering to our diocese to use The Rite of General Absolution for the next 3 months. The Penance celebrations with General Absolution will be announced at our churches when the Masses resume.
Approaching these uncertain days with a spirit of kindness and generosity to one another will help us all as we navigate the path ahead.

Fr. Peter Wojakiewicz CSMA


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