This year World Mission Sunday will be observed on 20 October 2019. Through this letter, Iwant to encourage the fullest participation of our parishes and Catholic Communities, and to ask you to support the World Mission Sunday collection.

Each year at this time, we are called to focus our attention on the great needs of the Church in the Developing World. This year’s theme, “With Youth, We Proclaim The Gospel To All” reminds all baptized Catholics of their responsibility to share in the missionarywork of the Church.

In times of tragedy – natural disaster, war, and persecution, many people look to the Church and her missionaries for help and hope. World Mission Sunday celebrates our unity as a human family and provides an opportunity to support the life-giving presence of missionaries and of the Church among the suffering and the poor.

This collection is not optional. It is not included in the annual assessment. It is a separate collection that has been mandated by the Holy Father. All parishes and Catholic Communities, therefore, are to invite the faithful entrusted to their care to contribute towards this collection.

Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B.